Our most economical performance flooring system features great resilient performance and optional solid blocking design to offer professional level athletic comfort to facilities of all sizes & budgets.

Can be installed with Secure Grip Technology™ for diverse site challenges and tight schedules.


Slab depression is:
2-1/4” (57mm) for 25/32” (20mm) flooring
a. The concrete subfloor depressing the slab sufficiently to accommodate the floor system. The slab shall be steel troweled and finished smooth to a tolerance of 1/8” in any 10’ (3mm in any 3 meter) radius High spots shall be ground level, and low spots filled in with approved leveling compound
Concrete shall develop a minimum of 3,000-PSI (21 MPa) compressive strength after 28 days.
Concrete subfloors on or below grade shall be adequately waterproofed beneath the slab and at the perimeter walls and on earth side of below grade walls using suitable type membrane.


Providing and Fixing Gerflor Connor Alliance Flooring manufactured in AMASA ,Michigan ,USA having certified with MFMA ,ISO14001:2004 and FIBA , BWF North American Maple with overall thickness of system 20mm X 57mm, Second & Better Grade, Northern Hard Maple Flooring, TGEM, MFMA Grade marked and stamped with vapor barrier, 0.2mm polyethylene. Factory assembled subfloor panels made of double plywood sleepers, panels 2.44m x 1.22m with high shock absorption anchored with anti-squeak collared Steel Pin & ball rebound with double sleepers to be installed with Secure Grip Technology™. The material supplied will be free from manufacturing defects for period of one year on the subfloor and flooring and three years on the Secure Grip Technology fastening system

Hardwood Sports Maple Flooring Maintenance Services

Great games come from great performance. With a long track record in sports floor treatment, Edifice Sports range of solution continues to grow. From recreation to Multipurpose sports hall, Edifice Sports Beats industry requirements and exceeds expectations.

The Edifice Sports Minantance System is developed with the craftsman in mind considering the special sports floor demands. From primers and finishes to paints and cleaners, everything is developed with full compatibility in mind, to ensure the best results in minimal time.

The Edifice Sports System provides a complete solution for unparalleled excellence in application, sports performance and floor maintenance. Our fully compatible products and services allow a smoother, easier working process for the craftsman. The end result is an optimized sports surface in terms of slip-resistance, sheen levels and durability. Edifice Sports cleaning and maintenance solutions ensure that the floor’s original properties are preserved for longer.

Renovation | Revive | Recoat | Restore

Renovation: Whether the sports floor’s ; whether it just needs a good clean or a full renovation – we’re ready to supply you with the solutions you need to get the job done!

Revive: When a floor has built-up dirt, grime and scuff marks, a deep clean treatment will bring it back to life. A layer of polish or wax will protect it further.

Recoat: When the top layer of a floor’s protective surface is stained or lightly scratched, a recoat treatment will rapidly restore the floor’s lustre and defence

Restore: When a floor shows severe damage, yellowing, deep scratches or a lifeless appearance, a complete restoration is the recommended procedure

Slip resistance | Durability | Visual expressions | Easy maintenance

Slip resistance
Sports floors need careful attention to slip resistance to ensure adequate traction. The right slip resistance can be an important step in preventing injuries. Edifice Sports Floor System is especially designed for areas requiring extra safety.

A sports floor places very specific demands on paints and finishes. Unlike ordinary wooden floors, sports floors are subject to intense impact, movement and flexing due to the tempo of modern sports

Visual expressions
With the Edifice Sports System, there’s no need for compromise in terms of style or visual impact on wood or resilient flooring. Edifice Sports  offers a wide range of vibrant, mixable colours to help you achieve a wide array of visual expressions.

Easy maintenance
Preventative maintenance is the key to longevity for any sports floor Edifice Sport System has all the necessary tools for effective care for athletic wood floors, removing marks, stains, sweat and fat build-up in one go


At Edifice Sports, we believe in laying the best foundations for floor performance.
Nothing less than world-class standards can be expected, which is why our products is approved and certified by leading organisations.

Layers for a great foundation

Success is built on a strong foundation.
To deliver top sports performance, every layer of the sports floor plays a crucial role – from floorboard adhesion and the painting of line markings, to application of coating and finishes and proper maintenance procedures. Moreover, sports floors have to be completely smooth and flat to prevent injuries. Bona machines and abrasives efficiently deliver the smoothest surfaces.

A complete sport system
Edifice Sport’s effective solutions allow a smoother, easier working process for the craftsman. The finished surface is optimised for sports challenges, in terms of both slip-resistance and durability. Edifice Sports cleaning and maintenance system also ensures the floor’s original properties are retained throughout its lifetime. Durable and easy to maintain, resilient floors are present in most modern sporting facilities and have grown in popularity. Thanks to our innovative program, they are even renewable. Edifice Sports Maintenance solutions offer versatility and design freedom in renovation, as well as effective protection and maintenance for resilient floors.

Sanding sports floors

Large sports floors often mean a tedious sanding process. However, the Bona Belt UX makes any job quick, smooth and easy.

Bona Abrasives are the most aggressive and durable abrasives in the industry, achieving the best surface for staining or finishing, without sacrificing smoothness.

Layer 1: Primer

The primer provides strong adhesion between the sanded floor and finish layer. It also provides durability and flexibility to withstand the movement of the floorboards.

Sports floors should flex when subjected to vertical impact. Add horizontal movement,natural wood expansion and contraction to the equation, and the result is a lot of strain on the surface. This means that the primer needs strong adhesion and toughness to prevent the boards from moving.

Layer 2: Finish

The sports floor finish creates protection against wear and impact, as well as resistance to moisture and water. Finish provides the surface with the ultimate protection. It needs to be able to handle movement, while protecting from water, scuff marks and general daily wear. Since it’s responsible for both gloss level and slip-resistance, the finish has to be precise

Layer 3: Line Marking & Paint

Edifice Sports offers a wide range of vibrant, mixable colours that enable you to achieve a wide array of visual expressions.

Layer 4: Finish

The second layer of sports floor finish creates extra protection against heavy traffic and wear to the floor. Additional layers can be added depending on the traffic of the floor.