Site observations to assess the potential of each site for its tailor made utilization.
Concept Design, Administrative Approvals & Detailed working design.
Product Identifications
Economizing both value and time for selection of appropriate buildings & sports flooring materials and finishes  considering economy and utilitarian value.
Estimation & Specification
 of Sports Infrastructure as per relevant norms (National & International) standards.
Architectural Services
Working drawings and details including detailed drawings for plans, elevations & sections together with , flooring, toilet, staircases and ramps, railings, & grills, boundary walls and gates.
Electrical and Plumbing Services
and plumbing details and specifications in co-ordination with architectural details
Structural Services
Structure details and calculations in co-ordination with architectural details.


Our core construction expertise is reinforced by a team of qualified Construction professionals, with a specialization in both multi-storeyed and long span Construction technologies, suitable for indoor sports stadia as also for outdoor sports infrastructure. The in house coordination of the Construction with engineering, design and procurement activities gives a huge value addition on terms of quality, cost and project timelines. This is our unique advantage


Specialist sports facilities are a long-term investment and if properly maintained, will last many years. Every installation is unique, so our services are tailored to your needs. The maintenance services involves repair of damages, face lift and refurbishment of floors, inspection of mechanical components of your equipment and carry out routine maintenance to ensure safety etc.

GREEN COMMITMENT Today, the building industry’s impact on the environment ranges from energy consumption to waste products. Furthermore, products used for buildings, maintenance and cleaning are often too aggressive, or even toxic, to both humans and the environment. With this in mind, Edifice Sports is aware of today’s environmental challenges and has association with products having who has developed a range of bio products. Products are generally:
  • water based
  • > 90% biodegradable (OECD norms)
  • Zero or very low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No solvent based thinner ; no silicone
  • Non-toxic ; non-dangerous
  • Non flammable
The range of products have an exceptional lifespan, approximately x 3 times longer than other products available in the market. Buildings protected by our products age better and remain fresher looking and clean for a significantly longer period. Our products also reduce the amount of both water and chemicals that are used whilst renovating and maintaining building surfaces.